IMPD gun crimes investigators tell CBS 4 News that Geozeff Graham is suspected in at least five random and targeted shootings in Indianapolis since April in which no one was hurt but yet he’s facing a Red Flag court order and is being held on a $200,000 bond.

Graham was arrested Tuesday in Whitestown on a charge of Criminal Recklessness with a Deadly Weapon for shooting out the back window of a bank in Broad Ripple on June 11th.

He’s already facing charges for a pair of shootings at a southeast side convenience store earlier this month after he was allegedly caught shoplifting a bottle of water.

“So I trespassed him and he came in after a couple days and I told him, ‘You stole the water the other day and you stole that thing and you keep doing it,’ so I just like called the cops on him,” the shop owner told CBS 4 News as he pointed out a dozen or so bullet holes that riddled his windows and glass refrigerator case. ”I thought, ‘He’s crazy.’”

In a Probable Cause Affidavit related to the convenience store shooting charges, Graham told investigators he quit a previous job at a pizza restaurant because, “he felt that he did not fit in and that his coworkers were rude.”

In that case, Graham is accused of bringing an AR 15 to the restaurant and displaying it.

When questioned about the convenience store shootings, Graham admitted that he gave a watch and a stale loaf of bread to the store owner, “and something about the number 33 and about being very Jesus like for giving the gift.”

At least 120 times since May 1, 2021, IMPD has gone to court to seek a judge’s order to invoke the Red Flag law to keep someone thought to be mentally unstable from possessing a firearm.

There are no comparable statistics for the Marion County Prosecutors Office.

Graham is suspected of firing at least a dozen shots north of the Butler University campus in April and is being investigated for shooting at the windows of a downtown Indianapolis grocery store.

According to court records and sources, Graham has confessed to police that he committed at least some of those shootings.

Investigators recovered multiple .223 shell casings from the shooting scenes and Graham was discovered with an AR 15 in the trunk of his car during an arrest for the convenience store shootings earlier this month.

Graham lives at home with his father who owns an AR 15.

Graham’s family refused comment as it walked away from court this afternoon upon learning that the 24-year-old’s initial hearing on the Broad Ripple shooting was rescheduled.

Investigators said a $200,000 bond related to charges where there were no injuries is in excess of the amount typically set by the court.

The Marion County Prosecutors Office confirmed it had filed a Red Flag Order request against Graham.

Prosecutor Ryan Mears came under fire in the spring of 2021 when it was learned that his staff had not filed for a Red Flag order against the teenager accused of the FedEx mass killings, leading to significant issue of debate in this year’s Prosecutors race..

“The failure of the Prosecutors Office to file that case resulted in 13 being shot and eight losing their lives,” said Cyndi Carrasco, the republican nominee. “That’s gotta stop.”

Mears, who is running for the first time while finishing out the term of the late prosecutor Terry Curry, said, in general, officers need knowledge of the full range of laws that can be applied when investigating gun crimes.

“The cop is going to have to become more up to date on criminal histories and who qualifies as someone who can possess a firearm in the state of Indiana or not,” he said.