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INDIANAPOLIS – The American Red Cross is in urgent need of volunteers who are able to help struggling Americans across the country.

This morning, the Indiana Region of the American Red Cross issued a call for volunteers to fill urgent disaster response needs. The Red Cross is now is speeding up training so that volunteers can be deployed as soon as possible.

Requirements to be a disaster response volunteer:

  • You need to be willing and able to accept a two-week deployment
  • Live in a communal space like a shelter
  • Work 12 hours per day, 6-7 days each week.

Officials say training will be virtual so new volunteers can learn basic response and recovery skills in a safe manner.

Volunteers can be sent anywhere in the country. Right now, officials are focusing impacted by Hurricane Laura and the deadly fires out West .

Officials say once volunteers arrive at the location, they will assist in several ways.

“Providing support for sheltering efforts, providing support for feeding efforts, getting food to all the people who have been displaced and then general support in relief of people who have been evacuated from their homes,” said Rob Gauss, board chairman for American Red Cross of Greater Indianapolis.

If you are unable to commit to be a disaster response volunteer, there are several others way you can help.

Those interested in receiving training to provide help to those in need can contact the Red Cross at 888-684-1441 or visit its website.