INDIANAPOLIS — When the ballots were tallied in May, only six votes separated the top two nominees in the Republican primary race for Indiana’s House District 32. Monday a recount in the race began.

Suzie Jaworowski filed for the recount on the last day to file the request following the May 3 primary. Under Indiana law, a candidate has until noon 14 days from election day to file a request for a recount.

The Indiana Secretary of State’s office confirmed that a recount of ballots began Monday in Marion County. The recount team expected to begin counting ballots in Hamilton County on Tuesday.

The race for the House District 32 Republican nomination came down to a close finish, with only six votes separating Jaworowski from the winner, Fred Glynn.

A manual recount of each vote cast will be done, and any disputed ballots will be identified.

Representatives from each candidate will then have the opportunity to argue the validity of any disputed votes during a public meeting of the State Recount Commission.

The commission will make a final determination of the vote tally in the race.

All recount work is performed with the assistance of the State Board of Accounts and the Indiana State Police.