Questions about FBI investigation linger in Muncie after State of the City address

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MUNCIE, Ind. — Questions remain about what led to an FBI investigation into the city of Muncie.

During Wednesday night’s state of the city address, Mayor Dennis Tyler did not answer questions involving the investigation. The mayor previously told CBS4 his office is cooperating with investigators. City and county officials are being tight lipped and there’s no word on who or what the city is investigating.

The mayor, during his address to the community, admitted the city has faced some challenges. Specifically, property tax caps, forcing the city to enact an income tax increase to fund a public safety lot. The tax increase went into effect at the beginning of 2016. The mayor said the funds helped leave some extra cash in the general budget.

“What it’s also allowed us to do, is be able to move money throughout our general fund to create more programs in our parks for kids, get more money out into the neighborhoods,” Mayor Tyler said.

Supporting a public safety lot also allowed for a new plan for increased bike patrol and walking officers in the city. It also allowed for police officers to have body cameras.

“Giving them an opportunity to become better connected in the neighborhoods, Give them an opportunity to have the right type of neighborhood patrols,” the mayor added.

The city received an achievement this year for it’s bike friendliness. The city was awarded a bronze level for bike-friendly communities.

“We’ve worked extremely hard to create more bicycle lanes and better cycling access for our community,” Mayor Tyler said.

The mayor also highlighted the success of the new Marriott Courtyard Hotel downtown containing one of the first training facilities of its kind for people with disabilities. Mayor Tyler said recent graduates of the program, sponsored by Muncie’s ARC, have gone on to gain employment.

Mayor Tyler said he’s hopeful the expansion of downtown is a catalyst for the growth in neighborhoods surrounding the city center. Gearbox and Energy Park were also highlighted as plans for future success in Muncie’s efforts to expand technology and build public-private partnerships with businesses outside the area.

“The more partners we bring into our community, the more we see outside investors wanting to get into the discussion,” he said.

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