Purdue students rally together for International Women’s Day

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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind.– Students and faculty members at Purdue University gathered in solidarity on Thursday, rallying for International Women’s Day.

Dozens of women marched around the Purdue campus, striking for women on an international, national and local level. Those who participated in the rally held signs and rallied for women’s rights.

“Women are banning together here and across the country to bring about awareness to these issues, as well as establish a united front against the problems that exist,” said Jasmine Edison, a senior at Purdue University.

Edison helped organize the International Women’s Day rally, alongside fellow students, faculty and community members.

“We are in solidarity with the Me Too movement and are working to bring about institutional change as it relates to sexual harassment and sexual violence against women,” Edison said.

Megha Anwer, an assistant professor at Purdue’s Honor College, said International Women’s day dates back to 1908, in New York.

“When the first march happened, they were marching for the right to vote,” Anwer said. “We want to celebrate all the victories that have been fought. Some struggles have clearly been won but we also live in a time where things are far more difficult and far more overwhelming. The network of difficulties we are fighting are really tight.”

A second rally was held off-campus Thursday night in downtown Lafayette.

“We believe that women’s liberations are closely tied up with the liberations of the world,” said Anwer. “We are fighting not just for our rights but for the rights of the world to be a better, happier, safer place with equality.”

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