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Right now, some Boilermakers are already in Boston celebrating their team’s sweet sixteen game tomorrow!

Many Purdue fans left as early as possible to get ahead of the snow storms hitting the northeast.

“The flight was actually on time, but really choppy in the air because all of the weather, so we were really worried about even getting out this morning,” said Marie Foster-Bruns.

Foster-Bruns is a VP for the Purdue Alumni Association. Along with hundreds of others, she flew out early to make sure she didn’t miss the game because of the weather.

“On the airplane, people were doing a lot of ‘Boiler Up!’ and just celebrating the fact that we’re all on the plane together and we’re all kind of going to this fun game, in this beautiful city,” said Foster-Bruns.

As we showed you yesterday, they also arrived in Boston ahead of schedule.

Foster says alumni are waiting to watch clips from today’s practice to see how their Boilermakers are holding up, especially Isaac Haas.

They’re hoping for good news about his elbow, a win and smooth flights home.

“In the airport, there were a lot of people wearing Purdue stuff, and they were pretty excited,” said Foster-Bruns. “They were all talking about Isaac Haas of course, and just big hopes for getting into the Elite 8, and people already have their tickets for the Final, so we’re rooting for ‘em.”

The Boston chapter of the Purdue Alumni Association has multiple events planned for tomorrow before the game including a meet-and-greet with Purdue Pete.