Burglary at Fishers pet store ends with six stolen pups


FISHERS, Ind. — Fishers police are looking for six puppies stolen during a pet store break-in.

“I do know they forced entry after normal business hours,” explained Fishers police Sgt. Tom Weger.

It happened at Uncle Bill’s Pet Store on Mundy Drive. The owner says the burglar busted a window in the front of the store to get in the building. In the process of stealing the animals, they also smashed the glass of the cages. Fishers police believe the crook intends to sell the animals, and they fear someone may unintentionally buy a puppy without knowing.

“If your new puppy looks like one of the puppies in those pictures, we want to talk to them,” said Sgt. Weger referencing images Fishers Police posted on social media. You can find those pictures below.

The Better Business Bureau of Central Indiana has tips to avoid purchasing one of these animals.

“One of the things you want to make certain is you want to meet the people that you’re buying a puppy from. You want to make certain you know where the dog came from, and that it has the proper paperwork or vet care,” said Tim Maniscalo, the president and CEO of Better Business Bureau Central Indiana. “If the price is really below what the market price is for that particular breed, or that particular dog, signs are something is going on here.”

At this time, Fishers police are unsure how many suspects are involved in the incident, however they are reviewing surveillance footage from inside the store. If you any information, or believe your new pooch may be one of these six animals, you are urged to contact police.

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