INDIANAPOLIS — The newly formed “Indy Community Food Access Coalition” will hold a public meeting Wednesday to address hunger and food insecurity in Indianapolis. 

People are invited to share their issues with food access. 

Members of the organization say there is no one size fits all solution to the problems different communities are seeing. The meetings allow them to learn what specific needs there are in each area. 

Director of Community Nutrition and Food Policy Milele Kennedy says the goal of the meetings is to hear from residents all across Indianapolis and Marion County. That allows them to learn what specific needs there are in each area. 

 “This is a comprehensive approach that the city is undertaking in how we look at and address food access and food security. We want to ensure that we are providing equitable access to nutritious food in any way possible,” said Kennedy. 

“We know that there is enough food in Indianapolis but a lot of it, and a lot of our focus will be on logistics. How can we better support building logistics hubs that we call that last mile. Gets that food from those food banks directly into the hands of those residents that need them in a timely manner.” 

The board of the coalition is made up of community members and representatives from food-serving organizations. They will take the input from the meetings along with data from the Indy Hunger Network. 

“Putting all of this information together to help develop policies that elevate the needs, the specific needs that are equitable, that are relevant and that are timely for our residents,” said Kennedy. 

They are hosting these meetings throughout the month, and then in February, they plan to compile the feedback and start addressing concerns.  

As they are working to get public input, the coalition is still providing other services. They help connect people to food banks, provide transportation, get families more information on snap benefits and more. 

The meeting Wednesday will be in-person at Riverside Park at 6 p.m. There will be another one Friday that is virtual.