Protesters gather downtown after no charges filed in fatal shooting of Aaron Bailey

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Protesters demonstrated downtown after a special prosecutor announced Tuesday that no charges would be filed against two IMPD officers who fatally shot a man in June.

On June 29, police said Aaron Bailey drove away from a traffic stop and crashed his car. Two IMPD officers opened fire, striking Bailey. An autopsy report provided by an attorney representing Bailey’s family showed he was hit four times in the back. Police said they did not find a weapon in his vehicle.

Kenneth P. Cotter of St. Joseph County was appointed on Aug. 22 to be the prosecutor on the case. He said Tuesday no criminal charges would be filed against the officers.

“To refute a claim of self-defense, the State must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, either that the officers’ fear of imminent serious bodily injury or death by Mr. Bailey was objectively unreasonable or insincere,” Cotter said in a written report. “Based upon the results of the investigation as outlined above, there is insufficient evidence to refute either the officer’s claim of subjective fear or the objective reasonableness of that fear.  Therefore, applying Indiana self-defense statutes to the results of this investigation, I conclude that no criminal charges shall be filed.”

At the protest, they said justice hasn’t been served in the case.

“We waited a long time and we’re still waiting for justice for Aaron Bailey, and that day will never come, because when you have melanated skin, how can you ever be unarmed?” asked Satchuel Cole of Don’t Sleep. “If they have magic words like, ‘I feared for my life,’ and they have a badge to back it up, there will never be an indictment.

“As long as white men hold power within the building behind us (the City-County Building), we will never get justice in this city.”

Satchuel went on to say that officials in the case were “too afraid to do the right thing.”

“IMPD can either start with the sweeping changes, or they will get no peace in this city,” she said. See the full video above.

Bailey’s daughter Erica said the decision felt like a slap on the face.

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