Prosecutor’s office to make decision on charges in homicide of 10-year-old Cumberland boy


Anthony Harmon

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CUMBERLAND, Ind. — The investigation into the shooting death of a 10-year-old Cumberland boy has been turned over to prosecutors.

Exactly one week ago Friday, the victim died after being shot in the head. The death is now being called a homicide.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office now has to decide what criminal charges should be filed.

Those who knew the victim say someone should be held accountable.

Before police ever arrived on scene at the Berkshire Square Apartments last Friday, one neighbor got a frantic knock at his door.

“She was knocking and trying to say, ‘He’s shot in there. He’s shot in there,’ but she was so hysterical I couldn’t tell what she was talking about at first,” said neighbor Eric Hickman.

Eric lives next door to the apartment where Anthony Harmon Jr. died.

Eric and his sister ran inside to help and saw something they wish they could forget.

“Oh man. His body was laying in between the kitchen and hallway and he had a towel over his chest area,” recalled Hickman. “His eyes was closed and he wasn’t moving.”

A week later, a lone teddy bear sits out front of the victim’s apartment.

Police say Harmon was shot in the head and died immediately. Conflicting stories about what happened started from the very beginning.

“I was just looking at him kind stunned think who shot him? At first they were saying he shot himself,” said Hickman.

Cumberland police say the young age of the witnesses has made the investigation difficult, because only young kids and teens were in the home at the time of the shooting. There were no adults around.

Investigators have never said publicly where the gun came from, who the weapon belonged to or who pulled the trigger.

For his part, Eric and other neighbors who didn’t go on camera, believe someone should be charged with a crime.

“If somebody shot him yeah,” said Hickman. “Because if somebody gets shot, you’re supposed to be held accountable.”

Prosecutors did not tell us now long it’ll take to make a decision on charges.

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