Problems Solvers assists ex-offender receive GED after earning it while incarcerated


INDIANAPOLIS — An ex-offender was released nearly a year ago after passing his GED while incarcerated. And when he got released, he wasn’t given his GED results. He called and called but got nowhere – that’s when he called us.

Friday morning, the Department of Corrections came to our station to hand deliver the GED to former inmate Eulis Wilson.

“Mr. Wilson, I have something for you that you have been expecting for quite some time. That is your task, diploma, and transcript,” said Indiana Department of Corrections, Education Program Director, Patrick Callahan.

“Well thank you sir, I waited a long time for this. And I worked hard for this, I deserve this,” said Wilson.

Wilson waited for 11 months for this moment to find new opportunities for an educated felon.

“It’s frustrating but at the same time when you’re in a facility like that the first thing you learn is patience,” said Wilson.

In July, he called CBS4 asking for help in obtaining his GED. During his time at Heritage Trails Correctional Facility, he was part of a program that would cut time off if you passed the GED. He passed, got his sentence reduced, but never got his GED certificate.

“I started calling them in February because I was like it’s been a month; they should’ve sent my stuff by now. I took into consideration the holidays and everything. I continued to get the run around from Heritage Trails that’s when I called you guys for help,” said Wilson.

Our Darius Johnson started making calls to Heritage Trails, The Department of Corrections, anyone who could help. Finally, they found the problem.

“There was an issue with the scantron sheet … Eulis had been moved from the state prison down to Heritage Trails they had to retest him. And unfortunately, all of that kind of got lost in communication,” said Callahan.

Once that was cleared up, they were able to bring Eulis his GED diploma a piece of paper that he sees as a second shot.

“I want to go to school. I realized while I was in there that I enjoy school, I enjoy learning you know. So I want to further my education and I need this so I can do that,” said Wilson.

And now that he has that special piece of paper nothing can in his way.

“Eulis we wish you all the best of luck. I think that’s certainly due to you and all of your future endeavors,” said Callahan.

Since Eulis and Darius met in July he’s been able to find employment. Now that he has his GED he wants to get his real estate license to start a new career.

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