Powerball hype a possible trigger for gambling addicts

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind (Jan. 13, 2016)- Powerball fever has been at an all time high. It seems that no matter where you go people are talking about the major payout. However, for those people struggling with a gambling addiction, the Powerball hype can be a dangerous trigger.

Most people play the lottery in a social fashion and don't have a problem gambling, however, there is a small percentage of people who are troubled gamblers.

"Some of the folks will get in trouble with lottery tickets.  They usually don't reach out for help until it's too late," said Jerry Long, Executive director of the Indiana Council on Problem Gambling.

The council works to find resources for people who are problem gamblers and tend to wager outside of their means.

"I don’t begrudge someone for spending $2 we just don’t want to see people going out spending more than they can afford," said Long.

For more information you can contact the Indiana Council on Problem Gambling .


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