Potholes an issue early into winter for New Castle

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NEW CASTLE, Ind. - It's early into winter and potholes are already getting filled.

In New Castle, Council President Mark Koger recently raised the point in a city council meeting that potholes need to be addressed.

"This is just a matter of bringing it to their attention, so it gets done," Koger said.

The councilman said he brought up the issue Monday because of a pothole that he noticed near his home along S. Main St. He said the chunk of road had been fixed in May and already needed fix this winter.

"The city does do a good job of trying to fix what we can," Koger said. "It’s a main thoroughfare, we have to keep -especially our fire trucks, ambulances and police cars – driving over that every day is not a good situation."

Koger said the pothole was bad enough to damage a driver's tire and that needed to be prevented.

New Castle Mayor Greg York said the pothole discovered before the meeting and was scheduled to be repaired on Tuesday.

"We’re just like every other community," York said. "We have potholes. This particular pothole that was named a crater is three-feet long, 30 inches wide and got filled the very next day."

York said the pothole was not an on-going issue and pointed to another section - roughly a hundred feet away - where a pothole was repaired last spring.

"You can see where we did a cutout and fixed that hole," said York. "That was a bad hole."

The mayor and the city's sanitation and street superintendent said the city has six workers who fill in holes along city streets, but that's just a part of their work.

On Wednesday, the workers were out laying out salt due to the expected snow.

"We’ll work on this all winter long, trying to keep up with it the best we can," York said. "As soon as we can fix it properly, we’ll fix it properly."

Koger's fear is the fix won't last and pointed out other potholes around town.

"It will last a month and it will be back again," said Koger.

The city is looking to win a Community Crossings grant to make major repairs to some heavily-used streets.

"We’ll use Community Crossings to literally repave the whole road," York said. "Main Street is a main thoroughfare through New Castle. It’s not perfect, but as soon as we can, we will repave the whole thing."

The city applied for the grant before but has been denied twice already. Applications for the next round are due in Jan. of 2019.

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