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Former professional football player, Pat Angerer knew, while he was playing linebacker for the Colts and the Atlanta Falcons, he would someday have to be treated for knee pain.

“With any sport, you play long enough, you’re going to get hurt. You’re going to get some knee injuries. I had three knee surgeries with the Colts and it lead me to this,” says Angerer.

Angerer was referred to Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Jack Farr of Orthoindy. Dr. Farr has repaired hundreds if not thousands of knees during the course of his career.  He says Angerer’s problem had to do with erosion.  He describes the erosion as potholes in the otherwise smooth cartilage of Angerer’s knee.  The treatment he recommends involves plugging the holes in Angerer’s knee with cartilage from a cadaver.

“In two weeks, I will get part of a knee and so I will take that knee and make plugs and I will use a circular saw and I will make a plug and make a socket in Pat’s knee, for the defects with a reamer. So now I have a socket and I have a plug and I physically put the plug in the socket,” says Dr. Farr.

Angerer will have this surgery in the coming weeks.  Afterward, he’ll be in an exercise program. It will take several months to heal. Then he and Dr. Farr will know if his knee is better and the potholes are truly fixed.

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