BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Someone may be planning a BBQ in Bloomington.

Less than a week after 360 hot dogs went missing from a concession stand at Bloomington’s Bryan Park Pool, a potato chip thief has completed a heist at a local ice cream shop.

An officer with the Bloomington Police Department was called around 4 p.m. Monday to the Chocolate Moose ice cream shop location at 405 S. Walnut Street for a prior burglary.

According to BPD, a Chocolate Moose employee reported that a potato chip rack was missing from the store and that it was unknown when it’d gone missing.

A review of security footage showed that, around 1 a.m. on Aug. 1, the store was burglarized.

BPD investigators said that a male suspect is reportedly shown on the video gaining access to the store by climbing through a window.

The suspect, BPD said, then is seen grabbing a rack containing around 40 bags of potato chips before leaving the store, with the full rack of chips, through the same window he’d entered.

At this point, BPD said the suspect has not been identified. No other information on the theft was immediately provided.