Possible police impersonator subject of Madison County investigation


MADISON COUNTY, Ind. — The Madison County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a possible police impersonator.

The department said the investigation comes after a man presented himself as a law enforcement officer to a group of juveniles in a neighborhood just east of Pendleton over the weekend.

The department said police responded to a report of a loud party in the neighborhood around 1:20 a.m. Officers spoke with those at the home before leaving. Sometime later, the man went to the house, asked them to quiet down, and asked for identification of a person who lives at the home, giving them a “verbal warning.”

The man returned again later, telling them to quiet down again and asked to see everyone’s IDs, writing down their information before leaving.

The department says they believe the badge he was wearing to be a Daleville Police Department badge, but the department says they don’t believe he is one of their officers.

While the sheriff said the interaction wasn’t threatening in nature, they are concerned about the fact that someone is possibly impersonating an officer and taking people’s information.

Anyone with information on this person’s identity is asked to contact Lt. Dwiggins at (765) 646-4025 or Crime Stoppers at (765) 649-8310.

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