Pop-up site vaccinates 945 Hoosiers, 55 doses go to homebound


HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. – A total of 945 Hoosiers had a chance to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated at a pop-up site in Hamilton County on Sunday.

“I think the word of the day is teamwork,” said Hamilton County Health Department’s Public Health Preparedness Coordinator, Christian Walker.

Teamwork makes the dream work in Hamilton County especially when the goal is to vaccinate up to 1,000 Hoosiers. Walker says the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a gamechanger and perfect for quick pop-up sites like this with 150 volunteers.

“One shot, one commitment from the staff, and I think it works out really well for this model,” said Walker.

Officials say after a mix-up at the Baltimore facility, the United States can expect a decline in vaccine allotment. But that didn’t impact this site in Hamilton County.

“We already had our delivery scheduled prior to the issues at the Johnson & Johnson facility. So we already knew what we were going to get. And we already had the doses in hand prior to opening the registration for the public,” said Walker.

Three states have also shut down Johnson and Johnson vaccine sites after reports of adverse reactions.

Walkers says that’s why medics were on standby. But the reaction didn’t steer Abbie Andersen away from a shot and a chance to see family once again.

“My mindset was like I’d rather it not work, or me get sick or something happens,” said Noblesville resident Abbie Andersen.

She says it’s worth the risk after she didn’t expect to get hit hard by COVID-19 at the age of 27.

“I got hit with COVID, I got COVID pneumonia on top of that. It was pretty bad,” said Andersen.

For those administering the vaccine and running the site, they say it’s a pleasant sight to see young Hoosiers getting vaccinated.

“We’re grateful to see folks of all ages in here today getting in and getting protected and helping the community out,” said Walker.

Hamilton County hopes to do this again but they say that’s up in the air as they wait to see if production is back to normal.

“Right now, [it] has caused us to or made it a little difficult to determine when the next one will be. But we’re going to take the lessons learned here, we’re going to apply them, and we’re going to look at the next place to do this as soon as we get more,” said Walker.

There were some canceled appointments due to weather and people potentially making other appointments. So, the unused 55 doses will go to homebound Hoosiers.

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