Trump supports Indiana bill that would add religious studies, ‘In God We Trust’ posters to public schools


“In God We Trust” posters could be coming to Indiana classrooms if bill passes

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indiana public schools could see religious studies added to their classrooms if a bill being considered passes, and President Trump is showing his support for it.

State Sen. Dennis Kruse (R) authored the “Education matters” bill, which would require public and charter schools to display the U.S. and Indiana state flags in every classroom along with the posters showing the motto “In God We Trust.”

Also, public high schools would be require to offer a course “surveying religions of the world,” which may also include “the study of the Bible.” The bill specifies the courses must be taught in a “neutral, objective, and balanced” way that does “not encourage or promote acceptance of any particular religion.”

A similar bill requiring “In God We Trust” posters in classrooms passed in Florida last years, according to Fox News.

Critics say the bill is “blatantly unconstitutional,” and Katie Blair, director of advocacy for the Indiana chapter of the ACLU, says the bill doesn’t have a chance of becoming law.

Regardless, President Trump tweeted his support of bills seeking Bible literacy in classrooms.

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