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INDIANAPOLIS — State Superintendent Jennifer McCormick made headlines recently when she announced she would not seek a second term as the state’s top educator. Lawmakers are now poised to allow the governor to appoint the position when McCormick’s term ends in 2020.

We recently spent time with her when she toured Crispus Attucks High School in Indianapolis where McCormick explained her reasoning in more details.

“I came into it almost naive thinking we’re going to look at data, we’re going to listen to practitioners, we’re going to listen to partners,” she said. “And what I quickly learned was follow the money.”

This was McCormick’s first tour of an IPS school as state superintendent. In a whirlwind 45 minutes she meet with teachers, students and watched kids learn about new career pathway options.

“It becomes very polarizing,” she said of the political position. “I don`t care if you’re Republican, Democrat or Independent. If you have a good idea and want to help kids — kids don`t have a political affiliation tied to them when they’re sitting in a second grade classroom.”