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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A Republican candidate for U.S. Senate is under scrutiny because of two DUI’s on his record.

Luke Messer got his start in state politics in 2003 when he was chosen to replace State Rep. Roland Stine in after Stine was killed by a drunk driver.

But according to our news gathering partners at The Indy Star, Messer did not disclose the DUI’s on his record to all of the party leaders who chose him for that seat.

“The question here is, should he have disclosed this information to the people making that decision, and then of course, it’s pure speculation as to what kind of impact that would have had on the race,” said IndyStar reporter Tony Cook in an interview with FOX59. “But certainly some folks we talked with said he probably wouldn’t have been a candidate if that information had been known at the time.”

According to the Indy Star, Messer got a DUI when he was 21-years-old while he was still a student at Wabash, and he was 26-years-old while he was working for a law firm in Marion County.

Messer’s campaign released the following statement today, blaming his opponents.

“Luke has acknowledged and apologized for these mistakes which occurred more than 23 years ago. Both instances have been public and were used unsuccessfully by Republican and Democrat opponents in past campaigns. Indiana voters will see the latest attack for what it is: more last minute dirty tricks from (Todd) Rokita’s failing campaign.”

In a race that’s been described as the GOP’s ‘nastiest’ primary, Messer, Rokita and former State Rep. Mike Braun are fighting for the Republican nomination to go up against Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) in the general election this fall.