UPDATE: Rep. Andre Carson decides to attend inauguration

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WASHINGTON– Rep. Andre Carson said Thursday he will attend the inauguration for President-elect Donald Trump and Vice-President elect Mike Pence on Friday.

He said he decided to attend after lots of thoughts, prayers and speaking with his peers and constituents. He also said he wants to be a part of the checks and balances system.

“I think for me, it was about listening to constituents, hearing what they had to say, they like me have deep concerns about some of the statements- the rhetoric, the anti-LGBT statements, the anti-Muslim statements,” he said. “And for me being there, it’s really for me to say, we will not allow any president, no matter who it is, to make these provocative statements and allow these things to go unchecked. I want to be there as a critical voice and as someone who reaches across the aisle to work with republicans.”

Carson originally said on Monday he’d attend the inauguration, and then said on Wednesday he was thinking about changing his mind. More than 60 House Democrats are expected to not show up after Trump’s weekend feud with Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.)

“I think at the end of the day, people don’t care about if you’re Republican or Democrat, they want to see results– and I plan on delivering results,” said Carson.

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