Indiana members of Congress respond to ‘send her back’ controversy

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Rep. André Carson from Indiana

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — We’re hearing more from Indiana members of Congress regarding President Donald Trump’s controversial comments on Twitter.

The House of Representatives successfully voted to condemn tweets from the president that told four congresswomen of color to go back to where they came from.

“Send her back” chants erupted from the crowd at one of Trump’s recent rallies, as a result of the tweets.

President Trump later said he does not agree with the chants and was not happy with them.

Regardless, Democratic Indiana Congressman André Carson believes this whole situation is just a re-election tactic for the president.

“I think it’s unfortunate. I think you have a commander in chief in 2019 who is saying xenophobic things, saying racist things, all in an attempt to secure his reelection effort and I think that is very sad and disappointing,” said Rep. Carson. “I think it’s an election tactic I think he is trying to sure up his base I think he is stoking and fanning the flames of xenophobia, Islamophobia and trying to create this us against them dynamic that is divisive, it’s destructive and it puts our country to a darker time.”

Carson said he is proud of the Republicans who spoke out against the comments.

Representative Susan Brooks, from Indiana, was the one of four Republicans who voted to condemn his words this week.

She posted this statement on Twitter:

“Today, I voted to condemn the racially offensive remarks the leader of our country made. However, I remain disappointed that the Democrats refuse to hold their own members accountable for their targeted, anti-Semitic and hateful speech. The lack of civility between the executive and legislative branches has reached an unacceptable low. We must remember our words matter and carry great weight. Our words and the ways in which we deliver them have a lasting impact on those who hear them.”

We asked Republican U.S. Sen. Todd Young to weigh in on the controversy on Friday while he attended the Indiana Black Expo Luncheon.

“Those sentiments are highly inconsistent with my own views and we need to focus a lot more on policies as opposed to people in Washington D.C.,” said Sen. Young. “If we do that, if we focus on the economic health if we focus on kitchen table issues we will remind the American people what the current leadership has been able to accomplish on their behalf.”

Rep. André Carson wishes to focus on policies as well.

“Americans want to hear talks about infrastructure, greater national security, investments in our educational system. They don’t want to hear this divisive language and Trump has not established himself in policy matters,” said Carson. “It is important for the American people to be vocal with their representatives and pushing the issue and making us hold the Administration and Trump accountable for these very hurtful, shameful tactics in order to get reelected.”

Carson was one of the 95 Democrats who voted this week to keep the impeachment resolution alive. He told me today that he thinks it’s time to start the conversation about whether the president is unfit for office.

“He is irresponsible. His lack of maturity, his impulsivity has shown that he is unfit to serve as commander in chief,” said Carson. “Something has to be done and so people like me have spoken up and said enough is enough.”

The impeachment resolution did not pass with 332 house members voting to table the discussion.

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