IN Focus: Young, Donnelly discuss DACA, government shutdown

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INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana’s senators are talking about last weekend’s government shutdown, and the next step forward in the debate over immigration and the ‘dreamers’ who came to this country as children of undocumented immigrants.

Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) and Sen. Todd Young (R-IN) both spoke with reporters early in the week, after voting to re-open the federal government.

“I met nonstop over the past several days with a bipartisan group of Senators to craft a deal to end the federal government shutdown, and this is a result of our work together,” Donnelly said in a written statement Monday. “Now that we have a bipartisan Senate agreement, I hope we can move quickly to work on the many pressing issues left unfinished last year, including: funding the government long-term, addressing the DACA program and border security, funding community health centers, and providing the critical resources needed to combat the opioid epidemic.”

“I’m glad Democratic leadership decided to end this shutdown and vote for a bill that should have passed three days ago,” said Young. “This bill addresses some of the most pressing issues before us today, including extending the Children’s Health Insurance Program for more than 104,000 Hoosier children, funding our military, and lifting the burden of the job-killing medical device tax. Over the coming weeks, I will continue working toward a long-term solution to fund the government and address border security and the DACA immigration issue.”

In the video above, we ask Young and Donnelly about what they want to see happen with DACA and about the likelihood of another government shutdown in the coming weeks, with an approaching February 8 deadline looming over Congress.

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