IN Focus: One-on-one with Gov. Holcomb

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INDIANAPOLIS – What would the GOP’s new health care plan mean for states like Indiana?

While uncertainty remains, and members of the U.S. Senate are promising sweeping changes to what House Republicans passed, states like Indiana are quickly preparing behind-the-scenes for numerous ‘what if’ scenarios.

“I will bet on Indiana to deliver the best health care possible,” Gov. Eric Holcomb said in an interview with CBS4, his first since the House GOP plan passed the chamber.

A central part of the plan would allow states to opt out of key mandates in the Affordable Care Act. The waiver could allow insurance companies to charge higher premiums for Hooisers with pre-existing conditions.

“My number one goal is to be looking after people who do and don’t have coverage at this time,” Holcomb said. “And we’ll play a part in that solution.”

Holcomb wouldn’t go as far as to specify either way whether Indiana would consider opting out.

“My number one priority is to look after the well-being of our citizens, I have said from the outset,” he said. “I am seeking state flexibility. I think the states can better care for their citizens than a one-sized-fits-all federal approach. I’m encouraged that first step has been taken, but I’m aware this is a longer process than just one vote.”

The current plan would also take away millions of dollars in federal money that is currently helping Indiana fund an expansion of Medicaid under the Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0.

Holcomb said that would need to result in new reforms at the state level.

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