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INDIANAPOLIS – Since being elected to Congress last fall, Rep. Trey Hollingsworth (R-IN) has remained somewhat under the radar in a busy first few months in the nation’s capital.

But with new negotiations reportedly underway on health care, his vote in the House could be crucial.

Hollingsworth and other lawmakers met with the President at the White House last month during the negotiations over the American Health Care Act, but he has been reluctant to say whether he would have voted for bill, which got pulled from the House floor before a scheduled vote last month.

In a recent letter to the Freedom Caucus, Hollingsworth’s father (who helped finance his son’s campaign) accused the caucus of being “almost suicidal” to the GOP.

But in an interview with FOX59’s Dan Spehler, Hollingsworth himself was quick to blame House leadership for setting what he called an “artificial deadline” on health care, and acknowledged he wasn’t yet a “yes” on the negotiations that led up to the bill being pulled.

“A lot of the process is to blame on leadership,” Rep. Hollingsworth said. “(It was) a failure to set up a process to get to success. We owe this to the American people to do this until we get it right. I want to make sure we get to the right outcome, not just any outcome.”

In the video above, Hollingsworth also shares his thoughts on the President’s first 100 days in office and the ongoing debate over foreign policy in North Korea and Syria.

“We need to draw lines in the sand and say this is what America will accept around the world and this what we won’t accept,” said Hollingsworth. “We used to be a country that had values, beliefs and principles… and we stood behind those (principles).”

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