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INDIANAPOLIS – With 50 days until the November election, Lt. Gov. Eric Holcomb is still working to define himself to voters in the race for Governor.

In the video above, we ask Holcomb about his campaign for this week’s edition of IN Focus.

A recent poll showed Democrat John Gregg ahead of Holcomb by five points, but it also showed that many voters still didn’t have an impression of Holcomb, positive or negative, with less than two months until the election.

You can’t blame Holcomb for still being somewhat unknown- it’s only been a few weeks since he replaced Gov. Pence on the ballot after being named Lt. Governor in March.

In his latest ad, Holcomb touts his experience working in the Daniels administration. So would he be more like Gov. Daniels or his current boss, Gov. Pence?

“I’ll be like me,” said Holcomb. “Each of us have different life experiences, each of us come to this endeavor from a different path.”

But working under Gov. Pence, he has also had to take many questions about last year’s controversial religious freedom bill, and whether Holcomb would have handled anything differently.

“I would like to hope I would have handled it in my own way, and maybe it would have been differently,” said Holcomb. “I’ll just remind you that it’s 2016 now, it’s not 2015. We’ve gotten through that. We’ve moved forward.”

So would Holcomb embrace an expansion of the state’s civil rights law?

“It’s not an issue I’m focused on, at all,” said Holcomb. “We’ll see what comes (through the legislature). And I truly understand that there are passionate good people on both sides of this issue.”

On that question and many others, Holcomb tries to keep the attention focused on the state’s economy.

“I want to continue the progress we’ve been making over the last 12 years,” said Holcomb. “I was associated with a lot of that progress, so I want to keep that forward momentum going.”

Holcomb also said Pence gets “high marks” for providing a balance on the Republican ticket, and said he was enthusiastic about the Trump-Pence ticket, despite the controversies associated with Trump’s campaign.

“If you’re asking me whether I’d rather be on my ticket or theirs, in 2016, I’m extremely enthusiastic,” said Holcomb. “(Trump) is a very energizing individual, very successful throughout life. Obviously, America is looking for a change, and Donald Trump will bring that change.”

See more of our interview with Holcomb on next week’s edition of IN Focus, as we hear directly from the candidates on specific issues affecting the state ahead of this year’s election.