IN Focus: Candidate quits Senate race as campaign heats up

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INDIANAPOLIS (January 24, 2016) – As the race for U.S. Senate heats up, one candidate says he’s leaving the race.

In the video above, IN Focus panelists Jennifer Wagner and Mike Murphy discuss the race for Senate, and this week’s news that Democrat John Dickerson was suspending his campaign for Sen. Dan Coats’ seat.

Dickerson released this statement:

“After much consideration, I have decided to suspend my campaign for the United States Senate.

Unfortunately, despite the hard work of my team and our supporters, we have not broken through with our fundraising efforts.  As we all know, it is essential in any campaign to raise money.  So, rather than continue to press on, asking our friends to do even more, I have decided to face reality.

These last nine months have been remarkable, getting to travel the state and meet so many amazing Hoosiers.  We have a tremendous opportunity to give these people something better.  I will still strive to do that, but I will do so without seeking public office.

I cannot say thank you enough to those who believed in me and helped us get this far.  I look forward to pursuing other endeavors that ensure opportunity for all.  I hope you’ll join me in working to get Democrats such as Baron Hill and John Gregg elected this year.”

Meantime, two Republican candidates are hitting the airwaves with new campaign ads in the race for Senate.

Congressman Marlin Stutzman was first on the air, releasing this cable TV ad highlighting Stutzman’s background as a farmer:

Congressman Todd Young is also hitting the airwaves starting this week, with this new ad airing on cable TV:

Both congressmen are also running against former state party chair Eric Holcomb, who earned a series of key endorsements last week in Young’s home base of southern Indiana.

“We’ve done it in Indiana and I know with the right new leaders we can do it in Washington, D.C., too,” said Holcomb in a written statement. “I’m honored and excited that such a group of influential leaders in Clark County, in the heart of the 9th District, have joined my team as we work together to offer Hoosiers a better way to make America safer, stronger and freer.”

Still, Holcomb lags far behind in fundraising, with Young raking in more campaign cash than his competitors in what could be a very interesting Republican primary.

And with Dickerson bowing out of the race, Democrat Baron Hill is now uncontested in the primary as the filing deadline nears.

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