Greenfield’s unique race for mayor: ‘He came here in 1998. I was born in 1997’

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GREENFIELD, Ind. – There’s a unique race for mayor happening now in Greenfield.

Two candidates from different generations are weighing in on the future of their city. However, this race is not about age, it’s about what’s best for Greenfield.

“Whether you’re 22 or 102, it doesn’t matter,” said current Greenfield Mayor Chuck Fewell.

“He came here in 1998. I was born in 1997, so I told him I’d been here longer than he has. So, I guess that’s the upper foot I have on him,” said Zachary LaFavers, the man running against Fewell in the upcoming election.

But Greenfield’s mayoral candidates say that’s not the takeaway of this campaign.

“Age is a state of mind, and as long as I feel good, and I am in good health, and I’m in good shape, that’s the main thing,” said Fewell.

Voters will have to decide what’s best for the future of Greenfield and who should lead their city. Should it be 22-year-old democratic candidate Zachary LaFavers or 76-year-old republican incumbent mayor Chuck Fewell?

Zachary LaFavers, Democratic Mayoral Candidate

“It’s been a race that has been an uphill battle from the start,” LaFavers added. “We have a crumbling infrastructure in this community on all levels. Our roads are very undeveloped, our water system is extremely underdeveloped.”

Mayor Fewell said, “I want the voters to get out, but what I want them to take away from it is the fact that we’ve been here six years, and if you look around the city, how have we done, and how good we are and how better we are right now than we were six years ago. We have more industry, we have more things to do downtown.”

When it comes to experience, Fewell has served as mayor since being selected by a caucus in 2013. He’s a former Marine, a police officer, and a state trooper.

LaFavers, who’s serving as a member of the Indiana Army National Guard, says he looks up to Fewell.

“I only hope that I can gain the amount of experience that mayor Fewell has, just because it is something that I look up to and hope to aspire to be,” said LaFavers.

Greenfield Mayor Chuck Fewell

LaFavers admits he probably won’t win this race, but he wants people to know their voices aren’t going unheard.

“It makes losing a lot more easy to handle knowing that the person that’s going to beat me is going to continue to grow this city and look out for what’s best in this city,” LaFavers added. “If I can’t win the office, I hope I can win some of the ideas over, and I think I have. We as a community have.”

As both candidates agree they want what’s best for their city.

“We’re not going to let up,” said Fewell. “We’re going to continue. We’ll have four more years after that, that we will grow and just be better from where we are at right now.”

Election day is Tuesday, November 5.

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