Go Vote Indy offers free rides to vote in Marion County


INDIANAPOLIS — We’re two weeks away from Election Day, and thousands of Hoosiers are taking advantage of early voting 

Go Vote Indy is working to make sure everyone has a chance to let their voice be heard during early voting by offering free rides. 

Donald Martin got a ride to the polls Tuesday courtesy of Go Vote Indy. 

Martin says getting to vote is a right every American should take advantage of. 

“So, we can have a right to speak our voice,” Martin said. 

Go Vote Indy is offering free rides through October 22 and on Election Day.

“A lot of Hoosiers specifically in Marion County are relying on public transportation, so we wanted to remove that obstacle and provide a direct route for you to go and vote,” Go Vote Indy cofounder Justin Floyd said. 

 The nonpartisan group does have safety precautions in place for the drivers and voters. 

 “We have a temporary partition that’s creative. It separates the passenger from the driver seat as well,” Floyd explained. 

Passengers also get hand sanitizer and a mask if they don’t have one. 

“We’re here to take care of you in a safe and fun way. We will give you the VIP treatment while you go vote,” Floyd said. 

Floyd said he hopes the rides gives more people the chance to participate in voting. 

“We just wanted to give people as many chances and opportunities to get out and vote as possible,” Floyd said.

Click here if you’re interested in scheduling a free ride with Go Vote Indy.

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