District approved by City-County Council looks to fund Rocky Ripple flood protections

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The Indianapolis Metropolitan Development Commission also approved the creation of the district.


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The Indianapolis City-County Council voted 21-1 on Monday to approve the creation of a flood control improvement district that includes many special flood hazard properties in the Rocky Ripple neighborhood.

The creation of the district is intended to direct any positive change in property tax revenue assessed from the included properties toward the construction or maintenance of infrastructure to reduce the risk of damage due to flooding.

More than 550 parcels of land are included in the approved White River – Rocky Ripple Flood Control Improvement District.

With the proposed district now approved by the Council, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Development Commission (MDC) will provide a final review of the proposed White River – Rocky Ripple Flood Control Improvement District. An ultimate vote on the establishment of the district is scheduled for Wednesday.

In February 2017, Mayor Joe Hogsett and the Department of Public Works announced a commitment of $10 million over 5 years to explore local flood damage reduction projects for the Town of Rocky Ripple. Since that time, DPW has worked with the Town of Rocky Ripple and Butler University to study how best to partner for flood protection.

“This is a historic opportunity to provide flood protection to the residents of Rocky Ripple and Butler University,” said Dan Parker, Chairman of the Board of Public Works and Director of the Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW). “This has been a collaborative effort on many levels, including the Indiana State Legislature, the Indianapolis Board of Public Works, the Indianapolis City-County Council as well as the Town of Rocky Ripple and Butler University leadership.”

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