City-County Council introduces 2 proposals to ‘elevate the public’s voice in public safety’ in Indy


INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis City-County Council on Monday introduced two proposals that they say would elevate the public’s voice in public safety programs and agencies if adopted.

In a release, Council President Vop Osili says increasing public engagement with agencies and programs intended to ensure public safety “is of utmost importance to this Council,” and, “we need to create more space for the voice of the ‘public’ in ‘public safety.’”

Proposal 196 would authorize the creation of a Public Safety and Community Recovery Plan for each Council District, allowing individual councillors to direct the use of public safety dollars to address needs specific to their districts.

The proposal also calls for the amount of funding districts receive to be allocated on an equitable basis, which would provide more funding in districts with greater levels of need.

“We’re using data provided to us from IUPUI’s SAVI program to drive decisions about where to allocate resources,” Public Safety & Criminal Justice Chair Leroy Robinson said. “This allows for Councillors to be more strategic and more effective in meeting their constituents needs when it comes to violence prevention and intervention in their neighborhoods.”

The City-County Council says Proposal 197 makes significant changes to the city’s Citizen’s Police Complaint Board process.

“The recent protests around the country and here at home have only reemphasized what we already knew,” added Chairman Robinson, “that there is a lack of trust between large portions of our city and the law enforcement officers who serve them.

“To ensure a safe community and that law enforcement is able to successfully do their jobs we must reestablish that trust and more transparency with the community will help us get there.”

The City-County Council also adopted a special resolution Monday calling on the City government to have “Black Lives Matter” painted on a downtown street.

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