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INDIANA – Governor Eric Holcomb will give his State of the State address Tuesday evening where he will outline the plan he and his administration have for this year. 

The address returns to in-person at the House of Representatives Chamber after being virtual last year. 

Political Expert Laura Wilson, Ph. D, says based on the governor’s previous addresses we can expect him to discuss education, economic development and COVID. 

She says this address gives the governor a chance to lay out his priorities for the legislative session and talk about his accomplishments over the past year. This includes the budget surplus the state saw which will result in Hoosiers getting credited in this year’s tax return. 

 “The governor is addressing the people in the state once a year in this way. I think it’s really important because you don’t get to have this kind of conversation and this speech from the governor about what he’s doing in the state,” said Dr. Wilson. 

When it comes to COVID, this time last year he was discussing the vaccine rollout, but this year the conversation is expected to be on mandates. 

“We know that there’s questions about vaccine mandates and masks and that’s been coming up in the state legislature. It’ll be interesting to see how he addresses it because he has to be kind of careful in that balance. And the state legislature has not gotten along with the governor in the last two sessions, so we would expect him to discuss it, but he probably won’t be too forceful in terms of what he says.” 

After the speech, the Democratic Party is scheduled to give a response. 

“It’s important because part of the state address is to tout accomplishments. The governor is going to talk about what he’s done in office, and Holcomb has had many accolades. But when you have this rebuttal, you can also say ‘Yes, but this isn’t true or instead we should be doing this,’” said Dr. Wilson. 

“At the same time, you’re given the opportunity to have the microphone after the governor, after Republicans, to say ‘Actually, this is our agenda, this is why we disagree, these are the points that we take contention with, and this is what we would be doing differently.’” 

The speech is expected to last about 30 to 45 minutes and it will be streamed live right here.