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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind– Ahead of one of the busiest party weekends of the year, Indiana State Police are issuing a warning for drivers: don’t drink and drive!

A spokesperson said ISP will be targeting drunk drivers over the weekend, hoping to send a message to motorists that if they’re caught driving drunk, they will go to jail.

“People think they’re OK to drive, they go out and have a few drinks and they think they’re OK, but thinking you’re OK is not acceptable. You have to know our OK to drive,” Sargent John Perrine said.

The number of fatal crashes involving drunk drivers has actually decreased in Indiana. According to the NHTSA, in 2015 there were 178 drunken driving deaths, compared to 205 deaths in 2014.

ISP says it appears those numbers may also decrease for 2016.

“It just lets us know that people are making good decisions—they’re making the decision not to drink and drive and that’s what we want,” Perrine said.

Perrine says before Saturday night, NYE partiers should already know how they plan to get home.

“If you’re not making a plan now for a designated driver, it’s too late. You can’t make that plan after the party starts,” Perrine said.

ISP says as of Friday afternoon, there haven’t been any official plans for any New Year’s Eve DUI checkpoints, though Perrine says they will have more troopers on the roads to target drunk drivers.

“It’s such a preventable crash when that crash is caused by alcohol consumption– somebody made a bad decision. If they’re not capable of making that adult decision to not drink and drive then they deserve to go to jail,” he said.