Police still searching for suspects in Subway murder 1 month later


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind- Exactly one month ago Thursday, 35-year-old Subway employee Ashok Kumar was killed in a robbery at 75th and Shadeland.

After the vigil ends and the news cameras leave, it can feel like the latest murder gets lumped in with the others. No one remembers, and no one seems to care.

“You see it on the news and it’s like ‘wow that’s really happening,’” said John Boggs, who runs a neighborhood watch in nearby Castleton Estates. “But then you forget about it two minutes later.”

But for Boggs and a group of residents on the Northeast side, they remember. They care, and they want to know.

“Someone knows,” Boggs said while pointing to a large poster featuring surveillance photos of the suspects. “Someone has to know who these three young men are.”

The masked men captured in the photos robbed the Subway at 75th and Shadeland on January 27th. In the process, they murdered Kumar.

“We’ve been dealing with crime in our community for over 10 years,” said Peter Courtney, one of the founders of the community group BRAG (Binford Redevelopment and Growth). “For us to hear someone just trying to support his family, working 60-70 hours a week, and someone comes in and takes his life? That’s the ultimate crime for us. That’s the saddest part”

Courtney and Boggs have decades of experience fighting crime in their neighborhoods and have been in the area for years. Boggs’s daughter used to work at that Subway, and Courtney has his own business, Moveable Feast, nearby.

“It rang home true to us because that could just have been us, could have easily been us,” Courtney said.

They’ve now made it their mission to get justice for Kumar. They’ve printed off posters with the surveillance photos, and have pleaded for someone to come forward.

“Just to go out and kill somebody and not have any remorse to it? They have to have remorse,” Boggs said. “The other two gentlemen who were with him, they have to know what went on. And I don’t know how they can live with that.”

On top of getting the word out, they’ve ramped up their own efforts by working with IMPD to bring a larger presence to Shadeland Station. They hope to send a message to anyone else meaning to do harm.

“When the bad guys know that a community is standing together, they’ll think twice,” Courtney said.

Working together with the police to prevent crime in their own neighborhood, they’re also working to bring these three men to justice. Hoping an arrest will keep the entire city safe.

“Once you do it once, it could be a lot easier to do it the next time,” Boggs said of the murder. “And who knows who that’s going to be.”

IMPD says there have been no updates in the investigation, but they are still seeking any and all information about the suspects. If you recognize them or have any information, call crime stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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