Police locate female inmate who fled Arrestee Processing Center


Sheila Martin

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Update (January 3, 2016): Sheila Martin was arrested around 4 a.m. Tuesday morning in the vicinity of 71st Street and Michigan Road. Martin was charged with escape and with the original warrant charge being for theft. The investigation into Martin’s unlawful flight from the Arrestee Processing Center is ongoing.

INDIANAPOLIS — A female inmate is missing from the Arrestee Processing Center (APC) in downtown Indianapolis.

Authorities are searching for Sheila Martin, 26, who was reported missing from the APC at about 6:15 p.m. Sunday.

Officials say Martin walked through a broken door in the APC and was able to walk into a line of arrestees that were cleared to be released. She blended in and walked out the front door.

The broken door, understaffing, and 12 hour shifts may all be factors in this investigation.

Martin is described as five feet tall and weighing 110 pounds. She was last seen wearing a dark purple sweater, purple fluffy coat, and white boots. Police say Martin could also be wearing a black or gray jacket.

She was spotted getting off of a bus near E. 25th St. and N. Adams St. at 6:34 p.m. Sunday.

Martin was arrested Saturday on possession of cocaine and theft, and was to have had an initial court hearing Tuesday. Officials are calling the situation a security breach and they will be working with prosecutors to file more charges against Martin.

Officials tell us they are searching through Marion and Hendricks County.

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