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UPDATE: The Muncie Police Department said they have identified a suspect in the case as Kyhler Koger. An investigation revealed that he had an outstanding arrest warrant. He was arrested early Thursday afternoon.

Koger faces preliminary charges of burglary, criminal trespass, public indecency-voyeurism, along with his outstanding arrest warrant.

MUNCIE, Ind. — Police are asking for the community’s help in identifying a person caught on home surveillance cameras looking into the windows of a home in Muncie.

The Muncie Police Department responded to a report on July 26 of a possible ‘peeping Tom’ who approached a home on West 8th Street and was seen looking into windows.

A next door neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said she alerted police to the alleged incident. She shared what prompted her to take a look at her home surveillance video recordings in the first place.

“I had actually woke up the next morning and noticed my cameras were unplugged,” said the woman.

That was on July 26.

She said she rolled back the video feed and discovered a person who was looking in several of her neighbor’s windows for what she says was ‘a good amount of time’ early that morning.

The woman said she approached her neighbor to let her know what her cameras picked up and ask if she recognized the individual.

“I went and asked her about it and she had no idea, but she had suspected a couple days before that someone had been in her house so I rolled them back some more and he was there at least three days in a row looking in her windows and trying to look in mine,” the neighbor shared.

“All three nights that I had caught, it was always between 12:30 and 1 in the morning,” she continued.

One recording showed the individual was there for more than six minutes and looked in several windows before riding off on a bicycle.

“It was real scary for me and I know it must have been real scary for her,” the neighbor said. “I have children of my own and to see that on camera it was really alarming.”

As they continue investigating, detectives are expected to go back on Wednesday and pull more data from the woman’s home surveillance system, including time stamps on the videos.

Chris Deegan, deputy chief of the Muncie Police Department, said officers also followed up two times later in the week after receiving the report.

“We have a protocol we put in place for instances like this. We put security checks on a home or area where we just increase patrol presence to try to deter behavior or maybe locate somebody it is we’re looking to try to identify,” Deegan explained.

Deegan said as detectives work on the case, they are also looking for assistance from anyone who may have information on the individual, who they believe to be a male wearing a face covering.

“Any information to try to identify this subject would be very helpful, given the nature and the quality of the video and the fact that he’s wearing a mask,” said Deegan. “It would be helpful for us in our investigation to get him identified, that way we could locate him and obviously continue the investigation to see what we need to do.”

Video provided by neighbor

“With an investigation we want to be thorough in nature and we want to identify who it is, and if somebody knows who that person is, we don’t know what their intentions are,” Deegan said. “We want to make sure that we really, really hunker down on criminal behavior and in order to do that, we really need to know who this person is.”

Deegan said not only does the department need to identify who this person is, but also why they were at the home in the first place.

“We don’t know if this person is looking to engage in property crime, burglary, vandalism, if they’re looking at more of a personal crime where there’s somebody that they’re interested in within the home, or something like that, so we’re trying to get the person identified,” he said.

Deegan is also encouraging people who have home surveillance cameras or doorbell cameras to check their recordings and see if it may have picked something up.

“What one camera might catch, another might miss. So while the camera footage that we have is a little grainy and what I suspect is a male subject that’s wearing a mask, it’s hard to tell,” said Deegan. “He might get down the block, somebody might have a Ring doorbell camera and he takes the mask off, somebody might have a clearer picture of who this is, we might be able to identify him based off the description and maybe some of the clothing that he’s wearing.”

By pooling resources and providing information, Deegan said it will help police in their efforts to identify the person.

“As a community we have to work together, community and police, so if there’s anybody who has information or can identify him or has any footage of the subject or individual in question, please contact us,” Deegan said.

Police said this investigation remains and active and ongoing.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Muncie Police detectives at 765-747-4867 or by calling Muncie Crime Stoppers anonymously at 765-286-4050.

“Keep your doors locked and obviously if you see any suspicious activity, call us,” said Deegan, who suggested several ways to protect yourself and your home.

“Take proper safety protocols. You want to make sure you have all of your windows locked, especially if you’re on a ground floor. Pull the curtains shut, close the blinds, especially at nighttime.”