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GREENFIELD, Ind. – The Greenfield Police Department is searching for a father accused of threatening DCS workers who tried to take his kids away. Now officers are asking for the public’s help in locating him.

According to court documents, 43-year-old Ryan Luker sent text messages to DCS and CASA workers on his family’s case. He threatened to harm anyone who tried to take his children away from him.

“Specifically to kill a caseworker. We take those things very seriously,” said Hancock County Prosecutor Brent Eaton.

In one text to a CASA worker, he said he is a cannibal will kill and eat anyone investigating his family. “You do know I’m a cannibal, right? I am going to cook you and eat your body if you fail my children,” Luker wrote.

“He was a cannibal. That is what he said in the text,” said Prosecutor Eaton.

He also sent a text to a DCS supervisor that said, “I want to end your life. I’d like to see you bleeding out of the throat… I will end you physically, legally, legitimately.”

Luker was charged on March 28 with two Level 6 felony counts of intimidation, but he has yet to be arrested.

People that make those kinds of threats need to be held accountable,” said Prosecutor Eaton.

“He does need to just step up and turn himself in and face it. He did it…drunk or sober I do now know which. He made the charges and accusations and needs to step up to it,” said Luker’s ex-mother in law Willy Bundy.

Bundy says she was sickened over the way Luker reportedly threatened caseworkers.

“The detail of how he would eat them and what he would watch and enjoy watching it happen,” said Bundy.

Bundy tells us Luker talked about cannibalism before and threatened other caseworkers in the past.

“On his Facebook, he wrote he wants to know why it is okay to be a vegetarian but not a cannibal,” said Bundy.

She says he needs to face the charges and do the time for the things police say he did.

“Man up…step up…face it. Let your children heal,” said Bundy.

Greenfield police put a photo of Luker on their department Facebook page asking those with knowledge of the man’s whereabouts to call the investigating detective at 317-325-1286 or to call 911.