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MUNCIE, Ind. – Muncie authorities say Michelle Pfoust and William Chalfant kept a teenage relative trapped in a drug-induced stupor for eight days.

According to court documents, the 17-year-old victim told investigators she initially only wanted to smoke marijuana with them, but was pressured into using harder drugs like meth and heroin.

Court documents also reveal that during those eight days, Pfoust and Chalfant took their young family member to area drug houses, where she was encouraged to perform sex acts in exchange for money. The victim told investigators things were a blur during what she described as an “eight-day binge” and also told authorities at one of the houses she was shot up with a speedball, which is meth and heroin combined. At one point, Chalfant is also alleged to have had sex with the teenage victim.

“You know it’s just an ongoing struggle,” said Investigator Kris Swanson, of the Muncie Police Department.

Authorities say this is just one example out of many related to families and drug abuse that are happening more and more around Muncie and Indiana.

“Its just an ongoing effort,” said Swanson, “for law enforcement and social services to just combat that.”

The victim was eventually taken to a hospital with withdrawal symptoms so severe she was put into ICU. Pfoust and Chalfant are behind bars facing a number of felony charges including neglect of a dependent and theft. Chalfant also faces a charge of rape.