Police reform topic of discussion at special Anderson City Council meeting


City leaders in Anderson held a special meeting Tuesday discussing proposed police reform after a video showed an officer there using a banned chokehold to arrest a man back in June.

The ordinance would prohibit chokeholds. It would also prohibit officers from using the knee on the neck method to restrain a person. It also forbids officers from placing a person face down on the ground if that person is handcuffed. The proposal would also require officers to report unauthorized use of force by other officers.

The Anderson Fraternal Order of Police opposes the ordinance, while some residents in Anderson are calling for action now.

“We will not stand for that. It’s illegal. We’ll just continue to stand fast on that and have our attorney represent us,” Michael Anderson, President of the Anderson Fraternal Order of Police said.

“Indianapolis, Muncie… everybody’s been doing police reform. So instead of debating on making it a court or a legal thing, let’s figure out how we can make this a community thing,” Lindsay Brown, an Anderson Resident said.

No final decisions around the ordinance were made Tuesday. We’ll update you as soon as one is made.

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