GREENWOOD, Ind. — Police have raided the apartment of the suspected gunman in the Greenwood Park Mall mass shooting.

CBS4’s Russ McQuaid was at the suspect’s apartment this morning and talked to neighbors who told us that between midnight and 3 a.m. there was a raid at the apartment. The raid included SWAT teams, FBI, and a bomb disposal unit.

The FBI confirms they are assisting Greenwood police at the mall and the apartment complex. Neighbors told us that several nearby residents were evacuated for up to three hours during the raid as they stood by and watched.

“We heard a loud banging on the door and really didn’t understand what was happening. We open the door and there’s a cop with an assault rifle and everyone needs to get evacuated,” said Austin Borden, who lives near the suspect’s apartment. “So everyone in my apartment was confused. So we all rushed out and there’s just hundreds of people standing out here and there’s at least 20-30 cops standing out here, pointing out that building at the very end.”

Greenwood Chief of Police Jim Ison said he had no indication that the suspect had any personal animosity or connection to any of the victims who died last night during that shooting at the mall.

We are working to find out additional information about the investigation including the contents of a backpack found in the restroom just off the food court. It is unknown who the backpack belongs to or its contents, but the Johnson County Bomb Squad has cleared it of any explosives, police said.

Authorities will hold a press conference at 2 p.m. Monday at the Greenwood Police station about the shooting.