Police looking for nurse impersonator who is targeting the elderly

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ANDERSON, Ind. (April 1, 2016) – Anderson police are looking for a fake nurse making her rounds, preying on the elderly.  So far there have been at least two victims. One is 88-year-old Roberta Simons.

“I’m telling you, you never know,” said Simons.

A few weeks ago, while Simons was getting ready for church she heard a knock at her front door. Simons tells us there was a well-dressed woman who claimed she worked for health services and that she as there to check up on seniors.

“I know when it’s a scam. It just wasn’t in my head about anyone at the door wanting to come in,” said Simons.

The suspect’s sales pitch was convincing enough for Simons.

“So I let her in. Dumb me,” said Simons.

Simons told us this fake nurse was inside her home for about 25 minutes and asked her to do exercises.

“She said ‘Would you walk around your house a couple times for me I want to see you walk,’” said Simons.

After the exercising, Simons says the woman asked about what types of pain medicine she had at her home.

“So we went in the kitchen and I showed her all I take is for my high blood pressure and my cholesterol,” said Simons.

Despite the exercising and the questions about her medicine, there was something else that caused Simons to be suspicious.

“She said ‘Could I get your ID? I’d like to see your ID’ and it clicked right there to me,’” said Simons.

Shortly after, the woman left her home but that same Sunday, Anderson Police got another call from an elderly man reporting the same thing.

“I just feel sorry for these people, really,” said Major Joel Sandefur, with the Anderson Police Department.

Investigators told us neither of these victims had any type of arranged health care visit scheduled to come to their home.

“In many cases, what we find is the elderly are afraid to say no,” said Major Sandefur.

Simons is sure this nurse wasn’t real and the missing money out of her purse is more proof.

“I think it was $43 actually and that was gone,” said Simons.

Police aren’t sure if the suspect was after money or drugs, whatever it was, Simons doesn’t want this woman to take advantage of anyone else.

“I just hope they find her,” said Simons.

Nothing was reported stolen from the elderly man’s home. Police believe there could be more victims.  To report a crime or if you know anything about this suspect, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers at 765-649-8310.

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