Police investigating Tipton funeral home after 4 bodies found in non-refrigerated area


Porter Funeral Home

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TIPTON, Ind. – An investigation is underway into allegations that a Tipton funeral director failed to properly bury at least four bodies within a reasonable time of death, which is required by Indiana law.

Indiana State Police are handling the investigation that began earlier this month, when an inspection of Porter Funeral Home revealed that Kevin Porter, 62, had an expired funeral director’s license.

During the inspection, police say four bodies were found in a non-refrigerated area and it was revealed that 11 decedents had not been issued death certificates. In Indiana, a funeral director is required to have a valid funeral director’s license in order to apply for death certificates for the deceased.

Thursday afternoon, detectives served a search warrant at the funeral home at 726 East North Street to observe the reported human remains. Officers say they found four bodies inside. Those bodies were then released to the Tipton County Coroner’s Office for proper disposition.

Also Thursday, the Tipton County Sheriff’s Office says Porter committed suicide, but not at the funeral home.

Below are the Indiana codes that pertain to this investigation:

  • Indiana Code 23-14-54-1 Time period for disposition Sec. 1. Subject to the rights of transportation and removal of dead human bodies or other disposition of dead human bodies, as provided by law, the remains of all individuals who die in Indiana or are shipped into Indiana shall be deposited: (1) in the earth in an established cemetery; (2) in a mausoleum; (3) in a garden crypt; or (4) in a columbarium; within a reasonable time after death, except as ordered by the state department of health.
  • Indiana Code 23-14-54-5 Violation of chapter; Class B misdemeanor Sec. 5. A person who knowingly violates this chapter commits a Class B misdemeanor.

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