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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indianapolis police are investigating 29 burglaries in a neighborhood near downtown, all within a one-mile radius. In one of the most recent cases, police say a woman had thousands of dollars’ worth of electronics stolen from her home.

“I had the window open a little bit and I just walked down the street,” said resident Anita Callaway.

That is all the time someone needed to sneak into Callaway’s near northwest side home and steal the items.

“When I look at the amount of time that I was gone, it was minimal. They knew exactly what to do and where to go,” said Callaway.

Callaway says she saw two teens leaving her front porch, then called 911 after she found out her home was ransacked.

“They must have been watching me in that 15-20-minute span,” said Callaway.

Callaway recently moved into this home on West 27th Street and says the break-in was not how she expected to be welcomed to the neighborhood.

“All of my electronics of course laptops, iPads, iPods, TVs. You can see the handprints and dirt marks and things from being on the window from trying to get in,” said Callaway.

The thieves did not just leave their fingerprints, but also dropped some of the stolen electronics on the way out, which gave police an indication of where they ran off to.

“They dropped things. I had an amazon fire stick and it was dropped here,” said Callaway.

Unfortunately, this is not a new problem for this area. In just the past two months, IMPD officers have responded to nearly 30 burglaries, all within one mile of the neighborhood.

“If this is happening at the rate that it is, the police cannot be everywhere at one time,” said Callaway.

According to IMPD reports, the burglaries happened within just a few blocks on the near northwest side. Investigators have not yet said if they are linked.

“The m-o was the same. They are coming through the window,” said Callaway.

Callaway knows she may not get her stuff back but has a message for the thieves.

“I’m a victim of yours but I’m also your community. I do not want to get on you about incarcerating you. What I would like to do is so how we can help you,” said Callaway.

At this time, investigators are working these cases but are asking the public to help prevent future burglaries by locking doors, windows, and keeping a watch on your neighbors’ homes.

If you have info on the burglaries here near Burdsal Parkway, call IMPD or Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.