Police in Rush County arrest man accused of impersonating police officer

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RUSH COUNTY, Ind. – Police in Rush County arrested a man accused of impersonating a police officer.

According to the Rush County Sheriff’s Department, someone called dispatchers on June 27 to report that a possible police impersonator was trying to make a traffic stop.

The car was a white Crown Victoria that looked similar to a common police cruiser. The caller followed the vehicle after the initial encounter and reported the location to dispatchers. Deputies stopped the car in the 3000 block of West State Road 244.

Deputies said the vehicle looked like a police car. When they searched it, they found numerous police-related items, including a badge, handgun and firearm. The driver, David Duncan-Hobbs, 28, was also wearing a shirt and baseball hat with the word “sheriff” on them.

“First of all, it makes me very angry for someone to try to impersonate our job and stop people. There’s a great danger to this, you don’t know if the person being stopped is in a threat for their life. Also, the impersonator is putting their life in danger by impersonating a police officer because it could come into a deadly encounter,” said Allan Rice, Rush County Sheriff.

Deputies arrested him on a count of impersonation of a public servant.

Det. Randy Meek with the Rush County Sheriff’s Department said the citizen who called about Duncan-Hobbs knew something was wrong and called 911, allowing deputies to locate the suspect and his car.

“No, no, no, that is so wrong. It would scare someone else. It did shake me some, but I thought no, what if he robs a place? What if he tries to break into a house and tries to arrest someone?” said Mario Hayes, a victim.

Police said anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation should call 911.

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