Police impersonators try to steal Indy woman’s information after her car breaks down

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 16, 2016) – The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) is warning drivers on Indy’s north side as officers search for a pair of police impersonators.

Witnesses say the two men claimed to be with IMPD and confronted a woman after her car broke down.

The woman called AAA to help change the tire, but before the roadside assistance could arrive, the two men showed up and tried to steal the woman’s information.

“They said, ‘Oh yeah we’re Indianapolis police,’ and they tried to get a bunch of information,” said AAA worker Francine Levalley.

Because Francine drove up in a white Ford, which resembles a police car and even has small emergency lights inside, that initially gave the suspects a scare.

“We pulled up and put our lights on and they must have thought we were cops and they kind of froze and were staring like, 'Oh my God,'” said Levalley.

Once Francine and her husband Shane identified themselves with AAA, the suspects began hounding them and the driver with the flat tire for their information.

“They came asking him for all his information and all my information. He wouldn’t give it so they walked over to the car and tried to get it from me,” said Levalley.

IMPD says if anyone encounters someone who claims to be law enforcement and they’re just not sure, there are things they can do.

Call 911 and verify with dispatch the officer is legitimate or request a supervisor and ask to see the officer's identification.

“Anytime you’re stopped by someone claiming to be law enforcement, there are many things you can do. If you don’t feel comfortable, absolutely ask for identification,” said IMPD Sgt. Catherine Cummings.

“One guy didn’t have a uniform on and the other guy had a uniform, but more of a security uniform,” said Levalley.

Francine says the two suspects were not dressed like police officers. The suspects are described as two white males in their 20s.

After failing to get all the information they wanted, the pair sped away in a dark-colored Ford Edge.

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