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4 Fast Facts

  • Three members of Boone County family arrested
  • Accused of maintaining a common nuisance, a felony
  • Son said he sold pot to about four different people
  • Investigators found marijuana and thousands of dollars in cash inside home

BOONE COUNTY, Ind. – Three members of a Boone County family face charges after police raided their home in April.

Curtis Wood, 53, Debra Wood, 54, and their son Kurtis Wood, 29, are all charged with maintaining a common nuisance, a level 6 felony. Investigators obtained a search warrant for their home on Mary Drive in Lebanon on April 20, where they found marijuana.

Kurtis Wood and Debra Wood also face possession of marijuana charges. In addition, Kurtis Wood was charged with dealing in marijuana. Both of those charges are misdemeanors.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Curtis Wood was aware his wife and son both smoked pot. Although he told police he himself did not partake, he said that “he knows people everywhere smoke marijuana, and that they (his wife and son) are adults.”

When investigators from Hamilton/Boone County Drug Task Force showed up at the home on April 20, Debra Wood “made a spontaneous utterance” that she had marijuana in the garage. When officers checked the room, they found Kurtis Wood and Blake Walters sitting on a couch in front of a plate of marijuana. Kurtis Wood was rolling a marijuana cigarette, court documents said.

A subsequent search of the home turned up more than $7,200 in cash from Kurtis Wood’s bedroom and a computer table. Kurtis Wood told police he’d been selling marijuana for five or six years and planned to deposit the money in the bank. Officers seized 55.2 grams of marijuana from the home along with drug paraphernalia.

Kurtis Wood said he obtained about two pounds of marijuana every two weeks and pays $1,100 per pound. He said he sold it to about four customers, including Matt Scott, who lives across the street, court documents said. He also told police he provided pot to his mother.

Debra Wood initially denied getting marijuana from her son. She later admitted Kurtis had provided her with marijuana for about two years and said her husband knows she smokes it. She also said she’d been smoking pot since she was 14 years old.

Scott, 34, was charged with dealing in marijuana and possession of marijuana. He said he’d been selling marijuana for about a decade, getting a quarter- to a half-pound each week.

Walters, who was found with Kurtis Wood in the garage, was charged with possession of marijuana. He told police he visited the Wood family’s home several days a week and smoked pot with Kurtis, who didn’t make him pay for it.