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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. – A Noblesville High School student was detained Friday after he allegedly wrote a racist and threatening message on a restroom wall.

Officials with Noblesville Schools say they have begun expulsion proceedings against the 15-year-old boy suspected of making the threat. The district said it included “ugly, derogatory racial statements” and referenced a school shooting Monday.

The district says the high school will be in session on Monday, but with an increased police presence and weekend activities will continue as scheduled.

“The things that were written on the stall, that scares me because of having friends and siblings of different race,” student Natalie Passmore said.

“It’s our job as not only parents but a community to make sure that every avenue is taken to keep our children safe in school,” Natlie’s mother, Tammy Passmore, said.

According to the district, police began investigating the threat in question immediately and extra safety precautions were taken. Since it did not convey an immediate threat, officials say they followed police protocol before notifying parents.

Superintendent Dr. Beth Niedermeyer issued this statement in regards to the situation:

“The cruelty, hatred and ugliness that we’ve seen in our community is heartbreaking and as a school district and community we are better than this. We must stand together against violence and racism. We have engaged our Noblesville Diversity Coalition (NDC) and NHS student leaders to join us tomorrow for an important conversation about ensuring all our students and staff feel safe, respected and included in our community. Community members are invited to attend this conversation Saturday November 17 from 3-4:30PM at Ivy Tech in Noblesville. The event will be a time to share and listen to one another, think about ways we can stand together to show our love and support of all people and discuss ways we can help to unify our community. Noblesville Schools counselors will also available at the event for those who need support.”

The threat comes two days after a judge ruled a 13-year-old boy who admitted to shooting two people at Noblesville West Middle School in May will be held in a juvenile detention facility until he is 18 years old.

Some freshmen students at the high school this year were students at NWMS during the shooting.

“It’s still really raw,” parent Tara Bushong said. She said her son was across the hall during the shooting. “You’re just scared because at this point we know, like we didn’t get a warning before. So you hear threat, it’s scared. It’s scary. It scared us all.”

“It’s scary. I just wanted to leave work and go grab my child and bring him home and tell him he’s okay because we’re still struggling so much this,” parent Darlene Crain said. Her son also went to the middle school last year.

But despite the threat, the community is continuing to keep the focus on safety, love and unity.

“We’re gonna get through this as a community and our kids are gonna be really strong kids one day because of this,” Crain said.

“Love is greater than fear,” Bushong said.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact the Noblesville Police Department at 317-776-6371.