Police arrest three “intoxicated” Republican delegates at downtown hotel

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INDIANAPOLIS,  – Three northwest Indiana delegates to the State GOP convention were arrested Friday night  after an incident at a downtown hotel. 

Shortly after 10 p.m. Metro police were called to the lobby bar at the Hyatt Regency on South Capitol.  They were told a male in his 40’s was being aggressive with people. 

According to a police report, officers spotted a male swaying back and forth and leaning on other patrons. 

Security at the bar told officers, since the police had been called and the man was not a guest at the hotel, that he needed to leave the hotel.  Both security and police officers told the man he would have to leave. 

When officers began to move toward the man,  another man identified as Scott Tuft attempted to intervene, blocking the officer, getting in the officer’s face and refusing request to step back and sit down. 

Police started to place Tuft under arrest  when a female, identified as Amy Daly began grabbing  and yelling at the officer.  As her conduct continued, the officer placed her under arrest. 

As police took the pair out of the hotel in handcuffs, a third person Identified as Timothy Daly,  Amy’s husband,  got involved. 

Despite  repeated warnings Mr. Daly continued to interrupt the officers in their attempt to complete their paperwork.  Mr. Daly was placed under arrest for public intoxication

Amy Daly was arrested for battery on a Law Enforcement Officer and resisting law enforcement for forcibly interfering with the arrest of Mr. Tuft.

Police say all three displayed signs of intoxication. 

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