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JOHNSON COUNTY — A multi-agency operation resulted in 32 arrests in and around Johnson County Monday.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office said the arrests come after a months-long narcotics investigation involving undercover buys. The investigation resulted in a total of 109 counts of charges for the various suspects.

The following people were charged in connection with the operation:

The office said one of the suspects, Natoshia Alldredge, was arrested in a previous round-up. The arrest comes after the Franklin Police Department said she sold marijuana to an undercover detective at a Greenwood police station.

The department said Gladys Livesay, also arrested in the roundup, was driving Alldredge and assisted in the drug deal. While investigating Alldredge, a court document filed in her case said she spoke about products she could get, saying she drove to Michigan every three to four days to buy drugs and bring them back to Indiana for sale.

The office said some of the suspects, including Alldredge and Livesay, were in relationships. These included:

  • mother and son
  • girlfriend and boyfriend
  • girlfriend and girlfriend
  • husband and wife

One of the suspects, the department said, even brought their infant with them to the deal.

Those arrested will be given dates to appear in their respective courts over the coming weeks. The remaining arrest warrants are being unsealed through the Johnson County Prosecutor’s Office Monday afternoon and those people are being encouraged to surrender to law enforcement.

The following agencies assisted in making arrests in Johnson County and surrounding counties:

  • Johnson County Sheriff’s Office
  • Franklin Police Department
  • Greenwood Police Department
  • United States Marshals Service
  • Marion County Sheriff’s Office
  • Edinburgh Police Department
  • Johnson County Court Services.