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UPDATE (July 29, 2021)– Demetrius Jackson was sentenced to 180 years (60 on each murder charge). He also received 15 years for armed robbery, but that sentence will run concurrent with the others.

UPDATE (April 3, 2020): Lemere Jones was sentenced to 195 years in jail (65 years on each Murder charge). According to prosecutors, he caused a disruption during the sentencing and was removed from the courtroom.

MARION, Ind. – Three people were arrested in connection with four recent murders in Marion, including the deaths of a man and his two young children before New Year’s Eve.

The three people arrested are 29-year-old Lemere Joseph Jones of South Bend, 25-year-old Demetrius Jamere Jackson of South Bend, and 29-year-old Brittany Drake of Marion.

Jones is facing charges of murder, conspiracy to commit armed robbery and armed robbery.

Jackson is charged with murder, possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon, conspiracy to commit armed robbery and armed robbery.

Drake is charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

The murder investigation began on December 29, 2018 when Javon Blackwell Sr., 42, Javon Blackwell Jr., 12 and Jayzon Blackwell, 11, were found shot to death inside a home.

While police never confirmed a motive for the killing, investigators did say they found drugs inside the home.

The children lived in Anderson, but they were visiting their father in Marion at the time of the murders.

Jones and Jackson are also facing murder charges in connection with the deadly shooting of Marion man Maurtreyviaun Sanders, 19, on November 8, 2018.

Additionally, Jones is charged with the armed robbery of a Family Dollar store in Marion on December 23, 2018.

Police say Jones  was arrested after a traffic stop on January 11, 2019. After the officers took him into custody, he shared information with investigators about various crimes.

Investigators refused to comment further claiming that additional arrests could soon be made, but the Blackwell family says they are relieved all four murder victims may see some justice.

Both Jones and Jackson remain behind bars.   Both are being held without bond.